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Latest Publications

Mom's Broom  Arrangement
from Kiki's Delivery Service
by in Anime
The Moon Represents My Heart  Arrangement
from Teresa Tang
by in Pop
Granblue Fantasy OST - 『Auguste Isles - Babbling Falls』  Arrangement
from Granblue Fantasy
by in Video Game
Main Theme - Fire Emblem Echoes  Arrangement
by in Video Game
Something There - Beauty and the Beast  Arrangement
from Beauty and the Beast
by in Film/Movie
Rustboro City Theme  Arrangement
by in Video Game
Shelter x Sad Machine [Full Orchestra]  Arrangement
from Shelter
by in Anime
Undine  Arrangement
from Aria the Animation
by in Anime
Piano Scrap - Original Composition  Arrangement
by in Contemporary
Sparkle - Kimi no Na wa  Arrangement
from kimi no na wa
by in Anime
Love Story - Taylor Swift  Arrangement
by in Contemporary
Rewrite OST - Fertilizer  Arrangement
from Rewrite
by in Anime
Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~   Arrangement
from Guilty Crown
by in Anime
Feel - Oribe Tsubasa/Inori Minase  Arrangement
from Genei Iborukun - Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE
by in Video Game
Fire Emblem Fates- Lost In Thoughts All Alone  Arrangement
from Fire Emblem
by in Video Game
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