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About Sheethost

Sheethost is a self-publishing platform that makes it easy for creators, composers, and arrangers to share their creations. Additionally, our unique categorization and tagging system easily allows musicians to find sheet music for the songs they want to perform.

We are a small team of musicians and web developers who saw a need for an easy way to share sheet music. We have all been disappointed as there currently is no way to easily publish and share sheet music easily. For the past few months, we have been working on creating Sheethost.

If you are a creator of scores, whether you arrange, transcribe, or compose your own material, let Sheethost help you get your sheet music out there. No interest in sharing it? Keep it private as your personal archive.

We are currently in private beta, which means things may not work perfectly – yet. If you encounter something that looks broken, please get in touch! We can be reached via our support section or Twitter.

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