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Latest Publications

Flowering nights (Night of Nights  Arrangement
from Touhou
by in Video Game
Zenzenzense  Arrangement
from Kimi no na wa
by in Anime
Uchiage Hanabi  Arrangement
from Uchiage Hanabi: Should we see it from the side or the bottom?
by in Anime
Runnin' in the 90's  Arrangement
from Initial D
by in Anime
Two-faced Lovers  Arrangement
from Vocaloid
by in Anime
Kioku  Arrangement
from Yosuga no Sora
by in Anime
Mandarin Sky (Original)  Original Work
from Sekaidoko
by in Anime
Shelter  Arrangement
from Shelter (Short film)
by in Anime
Orange sky  Original Work
by in Anime