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Latest Publications

Haunted House  Transcription
from Can You Afford To Lose Me?
by in Pop
When  Arrangement
from Intertwined
by in Pop
You're All Alone  Transcription
from How I Met Your Mother
by in TV
I will always be with you  Transcription
from Love is in small things | Puuung
by in Other
Gonna Fly Now  Arrangement
from Rocky (1976)
by in Film/Movie
Euterpe (Silence Version)  Arrangement
from Guilty Crown
by in Anime
Pokemon Medley (Animenz)  Transcription
from Pokemon Blue / Red
by in Video Game
Akimatsuri  Transcription
from Your Name.
by in Anime
Kousei wa Tensai da yo!  Arrangement
from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
by in Anime
Epilogue  Transcription
from Halo Reach
by in Video Game