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Latest Publications

Rosalinas Waltz  Arrangement
from Super Mario Galaxy
by in Video Game
Mario Medley  Arrangement
from Super Mario Franchise
by in Video Game
Battle Against Light  Arrangement
from Smash Ultimate
by in Video Game
Remember Me  Arrangement
from Disney Pixar's Coco
by in Film/Movie
Zelda Ocarina of Time Medley  Arrangement
from Zelda Franchise
by in Video Game
Mii and Wii Theme Mashup  Arrangement
from The Nintendo Wii
by in Video Game
Avengers Theme  Arrangement
from Infinity War
by in Film/Movie
Clash of Gods (Ultra Instinct Remastered)  Arrangement
from Dragon Ball Super
by in Anime
Champions' Ballad  Arrangement
from Breath of the Wild
by in Video Game
The Force Theme  Arrangement
from Star Wars
by in Film/Movie
Shelter  Arrangement
by in Anime
Main Theme  Arrangement
from Luigi's Mansion
by in Video Game
Little Witch Academia Medley  Arrangement
from Little Witch Academia
by in Anime
Opening/Main Theme  Arrangement
from Stranger Things
by in TV
Kass's Full Theme  Arrangement
from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
by in Video Game
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