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Latest Publications

Yoru no Hikari (Night Light)  Transcription
from Jon's 1st album "Hajimari no Hi"
by in Anime
Diamond Dust  Arrangement
from SolidS "RE:START" series ④ Shu & Issei
by in Anime
Adonis  Arrangement
from SolidS "RE:START" series ➁ Rikka & Dai
by in Anime
Seafloor  Arrangement
from Quell "I saw a Rainbow"
by in Anime
Anata no Hana (Your Flower)  Arrangement
from Quell Kachoufuugetsu Series "Hana" (Quell's Beauty of Nature "Flower")
by in Anime
Yuki Toketara (Piano accompaniment part)   Transcription
from Ken ga Kimi
by in Video Game
Chiisana Sekai  Arrangement
from Tsukipro The Animation
by in Anime
In Regards to Love ~Agape~  Arrangement
from Yuri On Ice
by in Anime
Evolution Eve -For Piano~Moonlight Entrance  Transcription
from Uta no Prince Sama "Maji Revolutions" Episode 10 Insert BGM
by in Anime
그렇게 시작되었다 (So it begins)  Transcription
from Yeo Hoon Min 1st EP "Pure & Love"
by in Pop
Intro Day Break (새벽)  Transcription
from Paran's 3rd album "U.R.M.S"
by in Pop
Spring Rain  Arrangement
from From U-Kiss 3rd Japanese album "Memories"
by in Pop
Sweetie  Arrangement
from From U-kiss 10th Japanese Single "Sweetie"
by in Pop
A Shared Dream -Orchestral Version- (Piano Solo)  Arrangement
from U-Kiss 2nd Japanese album "Inside of Me"
by in Pop
Take Me Away  Transcription
from U-kiss 2nd album "Neverland"
by in Pop
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