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Latest Publications

BWV 1021: Adagio and Largo Realization   Arrangement
from BWV 1021: Violin Sonata in G Major
by in Classical
Watashi no Uso  Transcription
from Your Lie in April
by in Anime
つれづれなるままに  Transcription
from 記憶 ~MAIKAZE music works~ - Disc 2 -
by in Video Game
魔術師メリー  Transcription
from 少女洋琴倶楽部・壱- Lunatico
by in Video Game
2-1 【大空】  Arrangement
from 星のカービィ3
by in Video Game
花を夢む  Transcription
from 思君楼-Eine Phantasmagorie-
by in Video Game
【Reproduction】ゆなこわっふる - 湖は浄めの月光を映して  Other
from 東方紺珠伝 ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
by in Video Game
悲しき人形 ~ Waltz of Misery  Transcription
from 夢幻戯曲抄 ~If.. you hope~
by in Video Game
Air for Solo Violin  Transcription
from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nayr4xVmZ00
by in Classical