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Latest Publications

Omoide Shiritori  Transcription
from Higehiro OP
by in Anime
Nai Nai  Transcription
from Shadows House ED
by in Anime
Bursty Greedy Spider  Arrangement
from So I'm a Spider, So What? OP2
by in Anime
Reimei  Transcription
from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime S2
by in Anime
Canelé  Transcription
by in Pop
The Feeling  Transcription
by in Pop
Blooming Spring  Transcription
from Deemo
by in Video Game
有點甜 (A Little Sweet)  Transcription
from 借用一下你的愛 插曲
by in Film/Movie
Centimeter  Arrangement
from Kanojo, Okarishimasu OP
by in Anime
1・2・3  Arrangement
from Pokemon Journeys
by in Anime
Phantom  Arrangement
from Paid in Exposure
by in Rock
From Y to Y  Transcription
by in Pop
Karakuri Pierrot  Transcription
by in Pop
The Lost One's Weeping  Transcription
by in Pop
Fine  Transcription
from My Voice
by in Pop
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